Anónimo asked:
i hope you're aware that 1. you're not hot like at all; 2. your hair makes you look like you killed a albino squirrel and you're now wearing it as a wig; 3. "scene" stuff died with blood on the dance floor's fame so please stop, you're embarassing yourself and everyone around you

Gracias :D

teensubmit asked:
XD why? Your beautiful im sure you can have anyone

No way I’m not xD haha i wish i could have anyone but not.

idaly asked:
Que te dijeron tus papas cuando te pintaste el cabello rosa? :P

Mi mama m dijo que staba loca xD y mi papa creyo que era peluca :/ xD

Anónimo asked:
wow your pretty! theres no way a human being can be that gorgous!

Thank chui <3

Anónimo asked:
Hey cutie, you should do more bikini photos. You're hot

:) I will when i get more tattos

i need to find a really hot person with really low standards.